Mango Juice

Posted by EsyRecipes Friday, December 18, 2009

Discription:Mango juice is no doubt everyone's favorite but raw or fresh mango juice is hardly known in most of the western countries as it originates from South Asia where mango are found in vast quantity and in different varieties. Some people boil raw mango but its actual taste develops when it is roasted on an iron skillet and then taken out all its pulp to make juice. Its very healthy juice and also prevents from illness during extremely hot climatic conditions .
  • 1 kg raw mango (Karee; try to use those having very small seed inside or of small size)
  • ½ kg sugar or more (as you required; depends upon taste of kairee)
  • Water as required
    How to make:
    • On an iron skillet put all the kairee on it and cover it to cook on low heat. Turn the side of them when cook from one side after 15 min or its color changes to black. Don’t cook it on high flame otherwise it would not completely tenderize.
    •  After 30 mins when kairee completely cooks remove it from stove and let it cool in fridge.
    •  Remove the skin from each kairee and separate all the pulp from the seed.
    •  Now in blender, blend the pulp of kairee with little water (2-3 cups) so that smooth paste is formed.
    •  Pour the paste in the deep pan and cook it with sugar until it boils (15 min. approx).
    • Cool it by stir continuously otherwise a white layer is formed on the top and it’s very difficult to drain it.


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